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The New Standard Aspectarian
is the best aspectarian on planet Earth!
Here's why:

Guaranteed accurate.  It is computed from astronomical data which is furnished by the U.S. Naval Observatory on CD-ROM the most accurate and most precise data of its kind available on planet Earth.  Our computational methods make use of extremely nonlinear interpolation for maximum accuracy.

Guaranteed reliable.  Our file-data-transfer processes are fully computerized from start to finish.  You can trust all of the listings in The New Standard Aspectarian.  Published since 1991.

Guaranteed convenient.  Each day's aspects are printed on a page of their own one day, one page.

More nearly complete.  We checked out the "nonstandard" aspect angles to see what really works.  We did the astrological research that others only talk about.

Accurate.  Reliable.  Convenient.  More nearly complete.  Want to know more?  Read on . . .

Below is a replica of a cover of The New Standard Aspectarian.  
Actual size = 8.5 x 5.5 inches.


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